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EDUFI Doctoral Fellowships In Finland 2022






Partially Funded




Male, Female

Language of instruction:

English, Finnish, Swedish
Eligible Countries

All Countries,


The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) awards scholarships to foreign doctoral-level students and young researchers to carry out postgraduate studies and research and teaching in Finnish universities. Scholarships are mainly targeted at those Doctoral level students who will be doing their whole Doctorate or Double Doctorate at a Finnish university. Visiting Doctoral level students and researchers who are doing their Doctorate degree at some foreign university can also be considered eligible, provided that the motivation letter of the hosting Finnish university department presents exceptionally good grounds for such an application. The scholarship holder cannot receive another full scholarship or salary with an EDUFI grant.

The scholarship programme seeks to increase mobility in Finland, support the internationalisation of research and teaching and foster links between Finnish and foreign universities. The scholarship is meant for foreign Doctoral level students/researchers to be invited to Finland or who have not resided in Finland for more than 1 year at the time of applying.

Duration of the scholarship period

The scholarship period may last from 3 to 12 months. The period may be extended only in exceptional cases. Visits shorter than 3 months will not be funded.


The following attachments are required:
  • Applicant’s motivation: take no more than one page to present the motivation for the proposed cooperation, its significance to the host institution, the background for the cooperation and a short description of the research environment. You should also explain the commitment of the host institution to the project and its possible financial support to the scholarship holder, especially if your application is for less than €1,500 per month. A preliminary plan for subsequent funding of proposed research will be required in case the application is submitted in order to begin a doctoral dissertation in Finland (or to continue a doctoral dissertation at its early stages).
  • Complete the CV of the scholarship candidate, which should include, for example, any previous visits to Finland, qualifications (a Master’s degree is a minimum requirement) and publications.
  • Research plan (3 to 5 pages, including an introduction, objectives, work plan/work methods, expected results and their possible applications, as well as most relevant references. If the proposal is part of a larger project, the candidate’s role should be described in the research plan.


The grant is 1,500 euros/month. The grant is personal and is intended to cover the subsistence costs of the scholarship holder in Finland. Additional support for accommodation will not be paid nor will EDUFI pay travel or visa/residence permit expenses. Trips abroad to collect research materials cannot be included in the scholarship period.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted on the attached EDUFI Fellowships application form, which should be filled in electronically, printed and signed. You can move from field to field using, for example, the tab key. Use your mouse or the space key to select the appropriate option. Open text fields should be filled in the section appearing in grey.

Please remember to save the form on your computer before filling it in! The application can be made in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Please post the signed form and annexes by e-mail to: Please, write “EDUFI Fellowship” in the subject line of the e-mail.


The Finnish National Agency for Education

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) is a national development agency working under the Ministry of Education and Culture and our tasks and organization are set in the legislation.

The Finnish National Agency for Education is the national development agency responsible for early childhood education and care, pre-primary, basic, general, and vocational upper secondary education as well as for adult education and training. Higher education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The organization of the Finnish National Agency for Education is divided into main functions, which ensures the efficiency of its operations.  By developing the organization, the agency wants to reduce hierarchy and increase the amount of interaction within the agency and with our external partners. 

The four most important impact objectives of the Finnish National Agency for Education guide the agency’s operations:

  • The equality in education and internationalization increases.
  • The well-being of learners improves.
  • Continuous learning raises the level of competence.
  • Global-minded thinking increases.

Management responsibilities concern the whole organization and all the main functions aim to strengthen the cooperation between people in order to reach the main objectives and achieve impacts. (The official and up-to-date website with all the information about study programs leading to a degree in Finland) is only one of the services provided by EDUFI.











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