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Tarbell Fellowship Program


Diploma or equivalent,




Fully Funded


United Kingdom


Male, Female

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Eligible Countries

All Countries,


The Tarbell Fellowship is a one-year programme for early-career journalists intent on improving the world.

The fellowship represents a unique opportunity to do great journalism, covering topics that could have a major impact on the lives of billions, such as global poverty and existential risks.

Fellows receive a stipend of up to $50,000 to support placements at major publications and independent freelance reporting. The programme incorporates expert speakers, feedback & mentorship from experienced journalists and a two-week journalism summit in Oxford. Upon graduation, they expect fellows to bring their impact-focused perspective to major newsrooms and publications around the globe.

The 2023 Tarbell Fellowship will run from March 1st 2023 - February 29th 2024. Applications close on October 9th, 2022 at 11:59 PM Anywhere on Earth.

How it works

Challenging. Fellows will spend the year building skills and a strong portfolio to accelerate their journalism careers.

As the fellowship is not associated with a specific news outlet, fellows must work hard to gain experience. Stipends may be used to support freelancing, placements in major newsrooms, or the production of other forms of journalism.

Full-time. The fellowship is a full-time commitment. Journalism is a highly competitive industry, and we expect fellows to be completely focused on succeeding.

Remote. The fellowship is entirely remote. This enables them to support rising journalism talent from around the globe.

However, they strongly encourage fellows to move to international journalism hubs for the duration of this fellowship. They expect this to accelerate fellows’ careers and will give preferential treatment to those willing to do this.


What they're looking for:

  • Ambitious for impact. A commitment to improving the world. Many fellows will have a demonstrated passion for and familiarity with one or more of their areas of interest.
  • Passionate about journalism. Previous newsroom experience (including at student newspapers) or comparable experience in a field such as law or research is desirable but not necessary. They seek to support early-career journalists and will prioritise potential over experience.
  • Excellent writing skills. A creative approach to storytelling combined with the ability to quickly get to the heart of a new topic. Fellows must be able to produce compelling copy under tight deadlines.​
  • Relentless. The ability to doggedly pursue your goals and persevere in the face of adversity. Fellows must be willing to work hard and be capable of withstanding repeated rejection
  • Open-minded. The desire to understand the truth of any given story, even when it conflicts with prior beliefs. Fellows must be open to criticism and recognise ways they can improve their writing and thinking.


  • Stipend. Fellows receive stipends of up to $50,000, depending on circumstances, to accelerate their journalism careers. They expect stipends to vary between $35,000 - $50,000 depending on location and personal circumstances.
  • Mentorship. Each fellow will be matched with an experienced journalist. Mentors will provide critical feedback and challenge the fellow to set goals and deliver on them. They'll conduct fortnightly mentorship calls and connect mentees with their network.
  • Training. Fellows will participate in remote sessions each week as a cohort. This will include training in best practices, talks from experts in the field and challenging assignments designed to build skills.
  • Oxford Summit. Fellows attend a two-week summit in Oxford at the beginning of the fellowship (March 1st - March 14th 2023). This will be an intensive fortnight of guest speakers, workshops and networking events in Oxford / London. Travel and accommodation costs will be fully covered.

How to apply

Their application process comprises 5 stages.

  1. Application & Writing Samples (<60 minutes)
    Complete their application form. Include your CV, answer some short questions and provide 1-3 writing samples.
    Applications close on October 9th 2022.
  2. Test Task 1 (2-3 hours)
    Submit a short project detailing the types of topics you'd like to cover and how you expect the Tarbell Fellowship to advance your career. To be completed in 2-3 hours and returned within a few days.
  3. Recorded Interview (~30 minutes)
    Answer general and situational questions relevant to journalism in a recorded interview.
  4. Test Task 2 (2-3 hours)
    Write a short article in response to a specific prompt.
  5. Live Interview (<60 minutes)
    A deeper interview with a member of the Tarbell Fellowship team.


Tarbell Fellowship



United Kingdom


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