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The field of study or academic discipline is known as a branch of knowledge that is learned, taught, and researched as part of the higher education curriculum in various parts of the world. It means that there are academic journals published in the discipline that are followed by peer-reviewed articles and publications from well-established institutions.

These disciplines can vary in nature depending upon the goals they seek to achieve and targets they have to follow. For example, a life scientist studying the nature of a virus will have a different course of study and would most definitely work in a lab, as compared to an archaeologist whose aim would be to understand the way our forefathers lived. In this way, we can understand the fact that there are different fields of study that require a particular kind of knowledge to achieve their research goals and targets.

It is totally up to the interests and ambitions of any individual to take up any of the below-listed disciplines. Here, a list of some of the most widely popular professions has been compiled. Although the majors and their classifications may differ per area/country, even in some cases per university, we tried to classify it exhaustively. 

Field of study